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Hole A3

The par 5, 545 yards long third hole, is the first of the three holes with unique feature: “Sand Dune.” The “Only at Bangsai” as these string of dune holes become known over the years since their inception, is not without controversy. Many like it while some prefer turf to sand on the dune. The matter will remain debatable. In the meantime, they continue to be regarded as a unique symbol of Bangsai.

Medium range in length, the A3 is reachable in two for low handicapped players. But it may prove problematic for weekend players who happen to land shots on the dune. Mediocre players should also mind the presence of fairway bunkers at the area where the second shot of less skillful players tends to land.

Otherwise, this is a fair, playable hole. Once on the dune, one is better off to exercise moderation, chipping the ball out of trouble rather than hitting full swing only to find oneself in even deeper trouble. It is important to note that the local rule allows grounding the club on the dune. The A3 green is relatively flat, tilting slightly from left to right, which presents no serious problem.

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