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Course B









Hole B2

A much talk-about hole, the B2 is where one’s strength and stamina are put to test. The hole is so designed that the fairway curves gently left all the way from tee to green, with water framing the left side. Standing on the tee and looking to the distant green, one has to decide, based on one’s strength, and equally important, on one’s stamina, how much one would cut the curve. In theory, the deeper the cut the better!

But thoughtful golfers should also be reminded of an old saying that one should not bite off more than one can chew, and be less bold in managing this famous hole.

Another unique feature, though less relevant but worth mentioning, is the length of the teeing ground, probably the kingdom longest! It is about 150 yards, of one piece, uninterrupted strip from one end to the other.

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