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Course C









Hole C1

Here a brief anecdote about Bangsai Country Club seems appropriate. For sixteen year, Bangsai was an 18-hole golf club. In 2010, however, a new additional nine was conceived on the adjacent land. The question, then, is what kind of golf do we want? The decision was to offer our clientele something exciting - something different and unique. The result is a stunning nine holes of links style course as we see it today.

Standing on the first tee on one’s first visit to the new course, one may have a mixed feeling of awe and apprehension. “What on earth does the designer try to create? - A links course with huge, steep bunkers, rolling fairways, big undulating greens - et cetera, et cetera...”, one may ask. The answer is in the first paragraph - “something exciting, different and unique.”

The C1 hole is dog-legged left. One would not want to be misled by the optical illusion into believing that the three bunkers in the distance are within range of the driver. The club records show that those attempting to go over these bunkers come up short, and find themselves in trouble. Aiming your tee shot right of these bunkers and your approach to the green is like “Peeling a banana.” (As a popular Thai saying puts it)

Be prepared, though, that 3 putts or even worse on this inaugural hole are not uncommon.

Course C
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