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Score Card & Layout

Course C









Hole C7

This hole is overwhelmingly nominated the “signature” hole of course C. And rightly so because of its length, its playability, its beauty and its overall appearance. The C7 becomes more challenging nearing the green which is located by the lake down below the rolling fairway.

So “down below” that longer flag pole is needed to enable the approaching players to see the top of the flag. In addition, a tall tree is planted right behind the green for golfers to aim at. When within range of the green, the players can opt either to lob the shot on to the green surface or, with some local knowledge, bump the ball into the front mound and roll it onto the green. Once on the green, putting is less of a problem, for it is the least sloping of all the greens of the third nine, albeit, long and narrow. 

Course C
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