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Course C









Hole C9

What a fabulous view one see from the tee area, which happens to be the highest elevation of the whole C course (the Bangsai’s “summit” if you like). The ninth fairway is as wide as one can imagine - 140 yards at the red yardage marker. So is the green, so gigantic beyond words (measuring 2100 square meters). Don’t be surprised if one see three flags - repeat, three flags - on the green - red, yellow and blue.

Playing the three-flag hole is not as complicated as one might have thought. The local practiceand not local rule is for the players of each group to agree among them prior to teeing off the first tee as to which flag they want to plafy. Alternatively, the club would suggest that the player who has the honor on hole #8 will have the privilege of naming the flag.

Let’s be completely clear, though, that this is only asuggestion and not the rule. Finally, it’s up to the group to decide how to play the tri-flag green and enjoy it. By now, one should get accustomed to the greens of course C, and should be in a better position to deal with the unique, majestic green of Bangsai.

Good luck and “Sayonara.”

Course C
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